Slideshow: Southridge Mall Renovation Plans Posted for Review

Greendale Planning Commission has recommended approval of building permits for $52 million mall renovation.

The Greendale Planning Commission has recommended the Village Board approve building permits that are part of the . 

Graycor Construction presented information to commissioners Wednesday night about renovating existing mall entrances, adding parking lot enhancements and interior work that includes new finishes.

While the Planning Commission recommended approval, members also told mall officials they had some concerns. Some of the things that still need work are: 

  • Spruce up the loading dock near the food court. Graycor agreed to work with village staff to do that.
  • Graphics and advertising signs on Entrance 1 are too big (see page 4). Commissioners were not fond of having advertising seen from 200 feet outside of the mall, especially since that was a concern they had also expressed with Macy's. They did agree graphics would be acceptable and set size limits for letters.

Landscape plans have been tabled for further review.

Linda Motley July 14, 2011 at 07:28 PM
OK, I understand the need to do some up-dates on Southridge. My question is, how much, if any, will all this increase the tax income to the Village of Greendale? Are all these renovations being done to provide tax loopholes, or will Greendale actually see any financial benefit from all the inconvenience these renovations will cause all along 76th Street, Grange Ave., and Edgerton Ave.? Of course, the same question applies to the new senior apartment complex. What is the benefit to the average Greendale tax payer? And, will these apartments be made affordable/available to low income seniors? We have been forced into a "what's in it for me" mindset by our current governor and his cohorts in the state legislature, so the questions beg to be answered.
Bren July 14, 2011 at 07:57 PM
I think the exterior updates look nice. The only existing area I really didn't care for was what was left of the old Younkers, but that's being taken care of. I'd have no problem if they left the rest of the exterior alone for now. It's what goes on inside of the mall that concerns me--the loitering and thefts. I'd like to see a larger security presence and redesign of the areas where loitering is an issue. Then I'd feel more comfortable shopping at Southridge. Concerning the senior housing complex, I am very interested in knowing who the specific clientele is intended to be, as I don't believe there is a convenient bus stop on Grange near that location. It's also a fairly long walk to our lovely village center, which senior residents would certainly enjoy. Are these senior apartments (so residents have their own transportation), or an assisted or continuum-of-care facility? The location just doesn't seem senior-friendly to me. Perhaps the County is planning to add a bus stop in front of the center? Considering that Macy's and reconnection to the mall will increase car traffic, the fumes, view and all that cement just seem to add up to a dismal, isolated place to live, especially for people with mobility issues. I hope I'm wrong and the end result is lovely.


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