Greenfield's Hooters Closing Soon?

The restaurant has special significance in Greenfield, the hometown of the late racing legend Alan Kulwicki, whose chief sponsor for several years was Hooters.

As several Hooters restaurants close around the country, there is speculation that Greenfield's is next on the list.

City officials, business owners and others have heard the restaurant, , located at one of the highest-traffic intersections in the county, is closing this summer.

Some fans have even commented on the closing on the restaurant's Facebook page.

"I’ve heard unconfirmed rumors that the Alan Kulwicki Hooters may be leaving or closing in the future and I certainly hope that isn’t true," Greenfield Mayor Michael Neitzke said. "There’s historical significance to that restaurant."

Calls made to the restaurant's managers were directed toward Hooters' corporate office. Emails and calls left with the media relations department have gone unanswered.

The popular Hooters chain known as much for its chicken wings as it is for its scantily clad waitresses, opened in Greenfield in 1997. The restaurant's initial use was for Mr. Steak Restaurant from 1975 through the mid-1980s, when it became Thomas Family Restaurant.

Hooters gained popularity in the 1990s thanks largely to the attractive waitresses wearing tight tanktops and short orange shorts who brought sports fans and other patrons their food. But Hooters restaurants across the country have been closing since late last year, from central Ohio, to Montgomery, Ala., to Seattle.

Many of the closings have been related to licensing disagreements.

Greenfield's Hooters has special ties to the community because of the late NASCAR superstar Alan Kulwicki, who was from Greenfield and was sponsored by Hooters for much of his career.

Kulwicki was killed at age 38 when the Hooters corporate jet he was a passenger on crashed near Bristol, Tenn. on April 1, 1993.

The Hooters monument-style sign on Layton Avenue has a large "AK" inscribed near the base.

There are seven Hooters locations in Wisconsin in Appleton, Brookfield, Green Bay, Greenfield, Janesville, La Crosse and Madison.

The Greenfield restaurant has approximately 50 employees.

JustMe June 20, 2012 at 09:42 PM
Please close this eyesore.
Karen June 21, 2012 at 02:34 AM
No clue that it was a tribute to a Greenfield legend....never ate there and never will. But my family and I were fans when it was Mr. Steak.
Linda June 23, 2012 at 09:25 AM
This is VERY SAD NEWS, I AM A RACING FAN and this resturant SHOULD mean alot to GREENFIELD, HOOTERS was the sponsor for a WINSTON CUP RACE CAR driven by GREENFIELD'S ALAN KULWICKI, Alan won the CHAMPIONSHIP in NOV of 92 and was KILLED in a plane crash on his way to BRISTOL MOTOR SPEEDWAY, along with Alan on that plane was the OWNER OF HOOTERS and other people with n the company, I think this a ashame that we have a HOMETOWN HERO AND A RESTURANT WITH MEMORIES OF HIM and now it is going to close. I'll bet that if HOOTERS had anything to do with the Packers, Brewers or Bucks people would be FURIOUS about the closing. every time I go past it I THINK ABOUT ALAN, everytime I go past KULWICKI PARK, I think of ALAN. HE IS A HOMETOWN HERO THAT SHOWED THE NASCAR GOOD OLE BOYS THAT HE COULD RACE WITH THE BIG BOYS, AND HE DID, HE WON the CHAMPIONSHIP ALL BY HIMSELF, HE WAS AN OWNER/DRIVER THAT TOOK THE TROPHY IN 92, AND DIED IN 93 AND WILL ALWAYS BE OUR CHAMPIONSHIP. ALSO if anyone has watched Undercover Boss on t.v. you will see that HOOTERS was one of the companies that was on the show and after watching that you would get a BETTER FEELING about the company and the people that work there. LETS FACE IT PEOPLE YOU SEE ALOT MORE T AND A ON TELEVISION NOW A DAYS , THAT HOOTERS SHOULDNT BE LOOKED DOWN ON BECAUSE OF WHAT THE WAITRESS WEAR. If I was not 54 and had a better body, I WOULD APPLY FOR A JOB THERE. PLEASE KEEP IT OPEN.
Linda June 23, 2012 at 09:39 AM
PEOPLE go on HOOTERS website and on there you all will see ALL THE GOOD THINGS THEY DO FOR DIFFERENT CHARITIES, before you start talking bad about a place because how the girls dress, go and read all the GOOD THINGS THEY DO, Now Wisconsin is going to lose more jobs and a building sitting vacant. It will match the Lot on the corner of 76th and Layton next to Kopps that has nothing on it. One year they had ALL KINDS OF TREES PLANTED, and then the next year NO TREES, WHERE DID THE TREES GO and why is that corner VACANT.?


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