Learn What 'Baby Preview' in the Village Center is All About

The 3D & 4D Ultrasound Boutique services allow parents and family to interact with the baby months prior to the birth.

Imagine watching your baby play, yawn and suck her thumb before birth.

Baby Preview 3D & 4D Ultrasound Boutique in downtown Greendale can provide that experience in a cozy environment where the family can interact with the baby while in the womb.

The services allow expecting parents to see their unborn child in live 4D motion. The room, in which the services are done, sits 14 people so that family members can join in on the experience with the expecting parents. The service not only creates a bonding experience with the mother, but also with the father and other family members.

“It’s just amazing to watch the baby yawn and stretch,” said owner Lorraine Paradinovich.

Baby Preview opened in 2004 in Wauwatosa and moved to Greendale in June. Paradinovich said that Baby Preview is the only 4D ultrasound boutique in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Appointments vary from 15 to 30 minutes. Expecting parents can buy packages ranging from $135 to $225. Packages include printed images, CDs and DVDs of the session.

Some might remember Paradinovich as the former owner of the jewelry store Unique Designs in the Village Center that closed in 2006.

“It feels like being home down here,” Paradinovich said. “It’s a wonderful area. I love Greendale.”

Paradinovich says she moved back to Greendale because it’s quaint and her business has become a destination where she doesn’t need to be in a traffic-congested street.

She says her clients come from all over, as far as the East Coast. Her clients range from first-time mothers to even fifth-time mothers.

Baby Preview’s 4D ultrasounds are similar to hospital ultrasounds, but not as “pretty.

Paradinovich’s machines are set to make the images more aesthetically pleasing, where as in a hospital ultrasound technicians are looking only at the medical aspects.

Baby Preview gives a free package to parents whose baby will pass away before birth. A woman named Korine shared her Baby Preview experience in a blog when she went to get ultrasound images of her unborn daughter who had a rare terminal chromosomal condition.

She wrote on the website:

“The prognosis was she might not make it to term or if she did she would only live a matter of days. I wanted to see her alive inside me in an atmosphere that was comfortable and felt special, not in a diagnostic hospital setting, since most of my visits were very very sad and draining.”

“This is much more personal and not hurried,” Paradinovich said. “It’s more fun and exciting to do. They get to laugh and look at the baby. Just enjoy the baby.”

A number of clients send pictures to Paradinovich after the baby is born to show how similar the baby looks to the ultrasound images.

“People are always amazed how much it looks like the baby,” Paradinovich said. “Well it should. It’s like we photograph the baby.”

The business also has a boutique of clothing and accessories. Merchandise includes maternity wear along with popular purses like Harvey Seatbelt.


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