And the Readers' Choice Winners are ...

The summer-long contest is over, and Patch readers have spoken. Here is the list of winners in our Readers' Choice contests.

Almost everyone likes a place to unwind while having a cold drink, watching the big game or listening to some good music.

And if you’re looking for a place to do all three, look no further than .

Playoffs Pub, barely a year old, was voted as the in the Greenfield-Greendale area in the most popular poll in our summer-long Readers’ Choice contest.

Nearly six dozen people logged on to Greenfield Patch or Greendale Patch to vote for their favorite watering hole, and 30 percent of them chose Playoffs over more established locations such as and .

Greendale’s , the village’s only bar, was a close second, finishing just two votes behind Playoffs.

received the most votes in any category en route to its runaway win in the battle for .

Thirty-three different people voted for Regency as it collected 53 percent of the vote and outdistanced itself from (30 percent).

In what developed into a battle of newcomer versus established veteran, pulled out a win over in the battle for , the third-most popular poll in this summer’s contest.

In addition to garnering 41 percent of the vote, Los Mariachis also received more than a half-dozen comments from loyal fans who spoke out about the restaurant’s appeal.

, the ultra-popular hangout on one of Greenfield’s busiest intersections, was a two-time winner. Not surprisingly, it was crowned champ in the category with 60 percent of the vote.

Kopp's also pulled out a victory in the category, defeating popular chain restaurant Red Robin.

joined Kopp's as the contest’s only two-category winners. Forty-percent of participants said Panera had the in the area while 38 percent said the national chain had the .

In other categories:

  • Everyone loves pizza and the is at in downtown Greendale, at least, that’s what 37 percent of Patch readers said in our poll.
  • If pizza isn’t your thing, maybe it’s Chinese food. And the  can be had at , the winner of a narrow vote with several contenders.
  • Looking for a place to get some auto repairs? was the most popular choice in the with an impressive 57 percent of the vote.
  • may have lost to Kopps for the Best Burger, but it was the fan favorite in the contest with a convincing 41 percent of the vote.
  • Greenfield’s Dan Jansen Family Fest was voted more popular than the likes of State Fair and Summerfest in the Best Festival contest.
  • We have a tie! Well, two of them, actually. Readers couldn’t decide if El Beso or Horny Goat Hideaway in Milwaukee had the . And four locations split the most votes for the : Greendale’s trails, , and Whitnall Park.
  • Wauwatosa’s Eddie Martini’s was voted as the area’s , narrowly beating Greendale’s The Steakout.
  • Dr. Paul Veldhouse, whose offices are in New Berlin, received the most votes for .


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