Updated: A Peek Into Renovations To Southridge Mall

At today's Macy's announcement Simon Property Group also announced some of the details to the $52 million renovation to the mall.

Simon Property Group gave a peek Monday into what renovations of the 41-year-old Southridge Mall will look like in the coming years. 

The renovations include adding a Macy's department store, redesigning the mall's entrances and updating outdoor signage and landscaping. Others include: 

  • The food court will also get an updated look with new flooring, ceiling, lighting and seating.
  • Southridge's play area will be relocated and renovated. Soft seating will be added to the mall.
  • The center court will have new tile floor, removal of tree wells and redesigning of the customer service area.
  • The railings redesign will include contemporary glasswork.
  • Cosmetic upgrades to the texture and color palette of the entire property and new carpet and tile flooring throughout the mall.

"I'm very excited to work with the village here," Southridge manager Patrick Basche said.  "The mall and the village will become one, they are already one, but will be closer."

The renovations are part of a $52 million dollar renovation planned for Southridge Mall. In December the village approved a $16 million TIF district to assist the renovation.

About $10 million will be provided to Simon and $5 million will be in interest expenses for borrowing the money. It is estimated that the village's costs will be repaid in about 15 years by property taxes on the mall renovation.

The village and school district will start seeing revenue in property taxes from the renovation once the debt is repaid.

Simon Property Group has about 392 properties nationwide, said Simon Property Group public relation's Les Morris. He said that Southridge is part of 18 mall renovations throughout the country for Simon Property Group.

Below are a few additional Simon-owned malls that announced or are working on renovations around the country as well:

Santa Rosa Plaza in California

Midland Mall in Texas

McCain Mall in Arkansas

Plaza Carolina in Puerto Rico

Pheasant Lane Mall in New Hampshire

Crystal Mall in Conneticut

Mall in Ohio

Maplewood Mall in Minnesota

NS May 28, 2011 at 03:11 PM
I am sure this will be a blessing to the people who live southside and will cover Greendale, GreenField,Franklin, St. Francis, Milwaukee and OakCreek. I am so happy that somebody has thought about it. Looking forward to shop in the new mall pretty soon
Darlene Veidins May 29, 2011 at 11:00 PM
I love all the changes, it will be a greatenhancement of Greendale, BUT ......................PLEASE ! NO WAL-MART. It will jus cheapen the area. How many Walmarts does an area need? Enough is enough. If people want to shop at Walmart, go to 27th street (There are two) and hwy 100! You will only run out Sears, for their electronics, tools etc. and all the clothing stores. Why not have a toy store there instead, or have a houseware and toy store in the mall. But Please, enough of the Walmarts!


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