What We Learned from the Democratic National Convention

No one expected to learn much on issues from the Democrat National Convention. But there were some revealing moments last week.

Many years ago I knew a manager named Bob. Bob was a great talker and was well liked. He interviewed for a high level management job at another company and got that position. He got that position with his good interviewing skills, but his management skills were not as good as he sounded. After a short while it became clear to his new company that Bob was in over his head and they had to let him go.

President Obama is Bob and for the good of the country we need to “Let him go”. I think it is clear from some of the speakers at the DNC that they realize that independent people understand this. We heard several speakers, some that did give good speeches like Michelle Obama, that were trying convince us that despite his failure so far that President Obama can do this job. For an incumbent that whole nation knows, this should not be necessary. We did not learn anything useful from testimonies about his capabilities or testimonies of what a great guy he is. But the convention did show us a few things.

First we learned Democrats are hypocrites, they tried all kinds of contortions to push false claims Paul Ryan lied in his speech, at their convention they told constant lies that are not even close to correct. Just from the first day USA Today reports on eight big lies. (1) One obvious example the pay gap claims that they wanted to make seem way more extreme to build their case that women can’t do it on their own without them. Reality is they can and will do nothing useful about the issue. To them it is just tool in their create division and anger strategy.

Next we learned that Democrats viewpoint is that “we belong to government”. President Obama tried to distance himself from this, but the reason they did not catch this issue before the convention is it is their view and they did not see the problem with the statement. Conventions are carefully planned so it is impossible to believe that Obama’s staff did not check out the video. It clearly shows the difference in the view of the role of government. The GOP view is that the people are the boss of the government and that government is to provide infrastructure and defend liberty. The current group of Democrats view is that we need masterminds in government to every aspect of our lives to achieve their collective goal of a progressive utopia.

Another lesson came when Peter Schiff was asking the convention attendees if they would support Obama if he wanted to ban corporate profits. (2) I understand the actions or beliefs of a few people at either convention are not representative of the party in general. But what is scary is how many people supported banning profits or at least capping them. Clearly this would be terrible economic policy and I doubt most Democrat politicians would support these ideas. Despite that what it shows is that the current Democratic Party has a hatred for the private sector and businesses, a belief also held by President Obama. Given President Obama’s anti-business attitude it is ridiculous to expect him to do anything to improve the economy or jobs.

We also learned that God and Israel are not popular among the base of the Democratic Party as they were rejected three times in a voice vote.(3) We already have seen that Obama has issues with support for Israel when he proposed going back 1967 borders. As far as religion is concerned he has launched attacks on the freedom of religion with the fight to compel Catholic organizations pay for things that go against their standards.

Then we have Bill Clinton. The Democratic Party is trying to manufacture a war on women to distract from their failure and lack of serious ideas, but their most popular leader, and about the only one that had any success, is most remembered for having sexual relations with an intern. If he were a Republican he would likely have been forced to resign for sexual harassment. To top it off they had Monica Lewinski’s Rabbi give the prayer after Clinton’s speech. As Dick Morris said he was like a lawyer defending a guilty client.(4) Maybe when he was complaining about the issues Obama inherited and failed to address, he should have apologized for his role in the collapse. After all his changes to the CRA are at the root of the crash and he worked with Republicans to repeal Glass-Stegall. But then Democrats have poor memories and seem to forget they had a major role in creating the crisis, as much or more than the GOP.

Bottom line is they said nothing new and the plan is do more of the same failed ideas. Ideas like reduce oil dependency by having terrible economy and lower unemployment by getting people to give up looking for work. They will get a bounce in the polls from the rhetoric, but it will come back out quickly as reality sets in with things like August Jobs report disaster.(5) On a positive note over the next two months the mistakes of this convention will make some good advertisements for the GOP. So now we wait to see if anything big changes during the debates.


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James R Hoffa September 10, 2012 at 11:46 PM
@Bren - By failing to compromise with the Republicans and extending the Bush tax cuts for everyone, Obama and the Dems will effectively cause the tax rates of all income tax payers to increase, exactly as Jay Sykes has laid out above. Clearly, Obama is putting party and ideology ahead of country by causing the tax cuts to expire for everyone, as the hurt of those tax increases would be most felt by the middle class.
James R Hoffa September 11, 2012 at 12:05 AM
Even Democratic superstar Elizabeth Warren admits that taxation on businesses stifle economic growth and hinder job creation: http://news.yahoo.com/why-elizabeth-warren-wants-repeal-part-obamacare-163219090--abc-news-politics.html
Nuitari (Grand Master Editor) September 11, 2012 at 12:20 AM
I take after your broadband of intellect of course.
FreeThought Troy September 11, 2012 at 12:24 AM
@Hoffa-Democrats have been trying to compromise with Republicans over and over and over again. They offered to lift the cap to those earning $1mil/yr. Republicans flat out refused. It isn't compromising from the Democrats that's the issue. It's Republicans compromising. It seems every Republican who dares even try to work with a Democrat gets a healthy primary challenge. What kind of a party have the Republicans turned into when no one is allowed to work with the other side? Any discussion about debt that does not include a conversation about revenue is fantasy. It is pure fiction. It isn't a legitimate conversation - period.
James R Hoffa September 11, 2012 at 02:49 AM
@FreeThought Troy - What are you talking about? The last bill that the Dems offered on extending the tax cuts was Reid's S.3412, which passed the Senate on July 25, 2012. The extension was for incomes below $250k, not $1M. And that vote was nothing more than a waste of time and money anyway, as tax bills must originate in the House. If the Dems really wanted to extend the middle class tax breaks, all they have to do is sign off on the extension for all taxpayers of the Bush tax cuts, which passed the House multiple times now. It's Obama and the Dems that are refusing to extend the middle class tax cuts, simply because they want to increase taxes on higher income earners. They are apparently willing to put their ideology and party ahead of the middle class and the country.


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