Obama's Massive Foreign Policy Failure is Becoming Clearer to All

The US media is focusing on attacking Romney, rather than report serious issues related to recent terrorist attacks. We should review the foreign policy disaster this president is.

The media collaborated to push their narrative that, Mitt Romney questioning the apology reaction of this administration is not a good political step, but Romney’s comment was appropriate and he was right to raise the issue.

(1) If the media were doing their job they would be asking why we are apologizing in the wake of an attack on our embassy? I know the president is their guy, but there are serious questions this administration needs to answer beyond just its failed appeasement policy. We heard the presidents reaction to the Romney statement, where he copied what Carter said of Reagan about “Shooting first…”. But he needs to be asked to answer more serious questions. Why were there no Marines at an Embassy in country that it appears we had warning of a possible attack 48 hours before?

(2)Why are we - days later focused - on the movie when we know that these attacks were coordinated and going to happen even if there was no movie? Even if they still believe the line they are pushing why continue to be apologetic suggesting there is any justification for the actions taken against our embassy?

We hear a lot from Obama Campaign about how Osama Bin Laden is dead on their watch, but this one success does not outweigh the administrations massive foreign policy failures. His failure has been brought back into focus again this week with the apology after attacks on the Cairo Embassy. Despite the killing of Bin Laden the world is a much more unstable and dangerous place now then when Obama took office. President Obama in the week leading up to the attacks was too lazy to attend intelligence briefings. President Obama has missed almost 3/5 of his intelligence briefings, but you would think leading up to 9-11 he would be more concerned. But let’s review just few of the major foreign policy problems under Obama.

President Obama started his presidency by going on an “Apology Tour”. Including a speech in Cairo where he invited the Muslim Brotherhood as guests. (3)This has not succeeded in making the United States more liked but made us appear weak. He followed this up with doing nothing during a brewing Revolution in Iran.

President Obama agreed to do everything the Russians wanted in an arms deal, and then bragged how great the relationship was. But we did not get any increased help in dealing with issues like Iran’s Nuclear program. Recently he told the Russians after the elections he will have more flexibility.  What does he want to do that he cannot tell voters?

In Afghanistan Obama first dithered then decided to expand the war without a real goal to be achieved.   Now for political reasons he withdrawing earlier than the generals recommend. If it is not worth sticking to it, then it was not worth expanding the war. Since he has no goal and he has no conviction to achieve anything, we should have looked to get out rather than expand the war.

President Obama inherited a war in Iraq that was won by using a strategy he opposed. Now he is withdrawing under the plan set up under the Bush Administration. But it was always assumed we would examine the conditions on the ground and renegotiate to extend. After spending $400- $500 Billion to win the war we are leaving to save a few billion and potentially create another headache in that region.

Then we had the revolution in Egypt which was encouraged by this administration to transfer from a dictator who was a good partner, to install the Muslim Brotherhood in power. Likely this will lead to another Dictator who is a thorn in our side.

Then in Libya again he dithered until he was dragged in by Europe. Again it looks like the new regime is going to be more of problem than the one we forced out. Gaddafi had not been a problem for us since the war in Iraq led him to decide to give up his nuclear program. Even if the choice to go into Libya was right, the dithering and lack of leadership is disturbing.

President Obama has not been supportive of Israel the only true ally in the Mideast. He called for going back to the 1967 borders, and was insulting to their leader when he visited. Now we have Iran and Israel approaching a possible war and he turns down a meeting with Netanyahu, but don’t worry he will be on the David Letterman Show.

Then this year we have leaks from top level officials to make the President look better on foreign policy. But this sends the message to our friends we cannot be trusted. It also hurt the usefulness of the programs underway.

The world is far more a dangerous place due to Obama’s foreign policy, allies can’t trust us, and enemies see us as weak.  We can see this with the acts of Terrorism this last week and situation in general. But the biggest issue is Obama is making decisions based on his faulty world view. Maybe even worse, he apparently views free speech as the problem for these recent attacks.(4) Like his domestic policy, President Obama’s foreign policy has been a disaster. Clearly Romney could do no worse, but more to the point he will be better just because he has the proper world view. At least under Romney we will likely have Marines to defend our ambassadors in dangerous countries, and they will probably be allowed to have loaded guns too.

1)      http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2012/09/12/hot_mic_reporters_collaborate_on_questions_for_romney_press_conference

2)      http://video.foxnews.com/v/1841603837001/is-the-us-funding-radicalism/?playlist_id=86858

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skinnyDUDE September 20, 2012 at 05:32 PM
@ Lyle ( CONTINUED)Lyle do you agree with the Obama's handling on this matter? They have choose to lie to the American people have clearly caught in the web of there own making. Obama stated HE CANT SHOOT FROM THE HIP........So they made the POLITICAL decision to LIE .Because the fact is this administration is clueless. There version is changing because the fact is they LIED REPEATEDLY. THIS IS CLEAR.
skinnyDUDE September 20, 2012 at 05:32 PM
(continued ) Lyle do you agree with the Obama's handling on this matter? They have choose to lie to the American people have clearly caught in the web of there own making. Obama stated HE CANT SHOOT FROM THE HIP........So they made the POLITICAL decision to LIE .Because the fact is this administration is clueless. There version is changing because the fact is they LIED REPEATEDLY. THIS IS CLEAR.
James R Hoffa September 20, 2012 at 06:01 PM
@Chris - Nice debunking of Bren!
James R Hoffa September 20, 2012 at 06:06 PM
@Lyle - So, the rest of the world can't use the internet to learn about our freedoms of speech, but it can use the internet to view a low budget video about Islam and the prophet Muhammad? Can you explain further, as Hoffa just doesn't get the disparity that you appear to be arguing here!
Bert October 25, 2012 at 09:29 PM
It's hysterical reading Pennypacker's post (absolute loathing of "Moslems" (sic)) followed by McClusky's post about how young Arabs are taught to despise westerners. When we continually elect ignorant hatemongers who believe what Penny believes, it's NO WONDER the "Arab world" would despise westerners! If I thought Penny was truly representative of Americans, rather than the small, ignorant, hate-filled slice that rears it's ugly bigoted head every now and then, I'd hate America too.


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