Listening to President Obama Speak is Painful, If You Know the Truth

Listening to President Obama speak is aggravating if understand what he has done the last four years. Maybe he will finally with one useful idea for job creation, just kidding no chance of that.

I may not watch any of the Presidential debates. Listening to President Obama is aggravating. First he just repeats the same failed ideas he has tried and pushed over and over since being elected. Second what he says ranges from outright lies, to just being deceptive. So thought I would write about some translation of Obama speak.

On the Economy he will repeat the oft repeated lie that he saved us from a great depression and that things are moving in the right direction. Translation this is as good as it gets under Obama. The truth is he prevented a better recovery and most indicators show we have seen the peak of the Obama Economy, so much so the Federal Reserve announced QE3 because of what they see coming in the labor market.

Whenever he talks of making investments, he means spending to benefit key contributors. The perfect example is “Investing in Education” means try to patch holes in state budgets to keep them from responsibly dealing with their challenges like Scott Walker has done. We already know Democrats don’t really care about improving education, every time they will chose benefiting the union over what is best for children.

He will again make the claim he is for an “all of the above energy policy”. Translation we need to waste more money on green energy scams and use the EPA to effectively implement Cap & Trade so our Energy prices will “Necessarily Skyrocket”. Reality is we all know he plans to use the EPA to shut down as much coal use as he can, and limit any expansion of drilling for oil on public lands.

He will claim Romney wants to lower taxes for “Millionaires and Billionaires” and raise taxes on the middle class. The later is just a lie based on faulty analysis by a think tank. As for President Obama's push to increase the top tax bracket, about 43% taxes from the top bracket come from small business, in healthy economy it would be close 50%. Obama will deflect this with the usual meaningless statement that 97% of small businesses are not affected by the top bracket. This ignores that most of the ones that create jobs are in the top tax bracket. Also when deciding to launch a venture what matters is what is the possible return if successful which would mean calculating based on the top rate.

He might even make the claim Republicans want to “End Medicare as we know it”. Reality is Obamacare already ends Medicare as we know it by creating a panel to determine what services to deny seniors. The GOP plan is restoring Medicare as we know it for people 55 and over and then responsibly reforming Medicare for people under 55.

President Obama will likely at some point complain that congress won’t work with him. The truth is it has been his strategy since April 2011, when he quit governing and launched his re-election campaign, to not work with GOP to blame them for his failures. Besides when it comes to the economy he has no ideas other than repeating mistakes from the stimulus package that did little but add to the debt.

I doubt President Obama will go as far as he has with his supporters and claim he has been frugal. Translation he thinks voters are stupid. This claim uses Fiscal 2009 as the base including TARP spending then saying he did not increase much from there. This is like buying a car one year and then wasting that much money every year after that and claiming your being frugal.

Listening to President Obama speaking is like listening to someone scratching a chalkboard. Since I know what both parties want to do and the GOP is better on every issue, I do not need to listen to the debates. 

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FreeThought Troy October 03, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Y'know CowDung - I can actually get on board with what you are saying. It is very difficult to transition. I am not saying impossible. I agree that welfare should be more of a suppliment than a source (leaving exeptions for circumstances). If there is an available job someone can work - they should and welfare can make up the difference to what ever their level of aid that was established. So something else you said intrigues me. I agree the state of the present economy where there are available jobs, but a lack of a qualified work force is not acceptable. Do you think that part of the welfare program should be trade or technical educationt to qualify them for the job? I think maybe part time maintenance work should/could be included in the program for those who qualify. You know, something to offset the cost and not make it like folks are going to school for free - that they need to work for it, too. Do you think that may help the transition issues?
CowDung October 03, 2012 at 09:06 PM
Yes, I think that training/education at a tech school or the like should be part of an effective welfare system. Perhaps an apprenticeship type program where they work to pay for their training while they live on welfare benefits. Depending on the type of education and their performance/grades, low interest student loans and/or grants might be appropriate as well. Another aspect that should be considered is childcare. Perhaps we need a system that pays a portion of childcare costs while the person is working or going to school.
Craig October 03, 2012 at 09:08 PM
FreeThoughtTroy: I too have been part of the working poor. Even as a kid, my family struggled to feed us kids and pay the bills. My dad never took a handout saying if he made it, he can feed it. I can remember a neighbor who had a well paying job, but lied to get free lunch for their kids at school. When I asked my dad why it upset him so much he told me, "People will never try to do better for themselves if the gvt. gives them everything." At one time poor people did not have heat in winter, no indoor plumbing or running water. They did not have a TV, and if they wanted to cook they had to work to build a fire to cook it on. Fast forward 40 years. We now have people getting assistance who have cell phones with the ability to surf the web. Microwaves to cook the convienience food they buy with food stamps. Cable TV with pay channels, and several TVs, a refrigerator, computers, cars, the list goes on.. The point I am trying to make is if we give hard working people everything, what is the point of them working? I know we can't make a janitor into a rocket scientist, but we need to have some way to retrain these people who want to work and better their life. Please don't get me wrong- I do not want to see anyone go hungry, but I think those who work hard to have the little that they do have should not feel like: "Why bother working when the Government will give more to those who don't try?"
Steve ® October 03, 2012 at 10:48 PM
This is Obama's universe. Just switch around inner city with suburb and it's words from your boy.
FreeThought Troy October 04, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Y'know, CowDung. I think those are really great ideas. I could get on board with pretty much everything in this discussion. And this is after less than a day of discussion. Wouldn't it be really nice if Congress could actually sit down and complete the exercise we just accomplished? Ahhh - to dream. If any message is sent this November, I would like this to be one of them - if not THE message. We, as a nation, are ready for a calm and rational discussion from all sides to really address and solve our problems.


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