Patch Movie Review: Snitch

Patch has a new movie reviewer, Brett Martin. This week he's reviewing "Snitch."

The Rock turns into a Snitch in his latest film about what a father would do to save his son.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plays a father whose estranged son is framed on a drug-dealing charge in "Snitch."

With his son facing a hefty sentence, The Rock pleads with the U.S. Attorney (played by Susan Sarandon). He soon learns that the only way to get his time reduced is to help them find a bigger fish in the drug world.

As you might guess, The Rock does just about anything to save his son. You'll be surprised to know that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson does more acting and less action in this movie. Nice try Rock...but the film seeks to make a statement about the futility of the war on drugs, only to take a back seat to its thriller elements.

It's not a great film but, it's not bad either. The flick-o-meter gives Snitch a 3 out of five.

Despite a good performance from Dwayne Johnson, "Snitch" takes an interesting story and renders it limp.

Is it an action movie? A cautionary tale? A political statement? Or a domestic drama?

I really don't think Snitch has a clue of what type of movie it wants to be. 
That's just my take, sound off on my Facebook page, it's called TheBrettside.

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