Theatre Department Raises Money for Teen's Cancer Organizations

A Greendale teen who was diagnosed with cancer received donation from theatre department for charities that raise cancer awareness.

The Greendale Theatre Department at the came through with a promise to donate money to charities that a Greendale teen who was diagnosed with cancer is working towards raising money for.

After being diagnosed with began blogging about his experiences in January.

According to Liederbach’s blog he has been cancer free since late May.

“I’m HEALTHY! As far as all tests, scans, and blood-work show, I have no visible signs of the cancer markers that were previously there,” Liederbach wrote on his blog.

The organization's mission is to run fundraisers, spread cancer awareness, and organize events for charity.

Through his blogging website, www.thecancerfight.org, Liederbach has raised about $300 for the Susan G. Komen for the cure, LiveSTRONG, and MACC Fund. There is also a goal of raising a $1,000 by August for The Cancer Fight Organization and there has been already been over $500 raised.

The Greendale Theatre Department raised over $700 for Liederbach’s charity efforts.

“When I was in high school, theatre was a place that I knew I could let go of my fears, be comfortable around people, and learn life lessons that – and believe me when I say this – are useful for the rest of your life,” Liederbach wrote in his blog. “I always remembered how the GHS Theatre shaped me, gave me the strength and will-power, and taught me how to be a good human being. I met friends that I couldn’t imagine life without. To know that they have done something like this for me only empowers these opinions. I will not forget this gesture, and I can only hope that one day, I can repay the GHS Theatre for their kindness and their unending support. THANK YOU GREENDALE THEATRE!”

Leaders towards raising the funds were theathre members Wil Raasch, Sean Marus, Carly Gaeth and Sara Weiss.

Raasch, Liederbach’s friend and theatre member, said that the funds were raised through individual contributions from the theatre department. Every year cast members pay $30 to help buy T-shirts and gifts for the director and choreographer. Usually there is money left over and donated to the department. Along with those funds, theatre director Eric Christiansen also donated extra money.

The extra funds from the theatre department will be going towards the charities of Liederbach’s choosing.

“We are a family,”said Greendale High School student Raasch. “Like I said before we all chipped in for the cause. When I found out about Mark’s situation back in December. I knew something had to be done. Theater students would be the perfect way to raise Marks sprits and thank him for his leadership.”

When asked how was Liederbach when he was part of the theatre department Raasch said, “This is basally asking how did Sir Isaac Newton effect science. I could write pages about my Friend Mark and his impact on my freshman year of high school. He is probably the kindest and most welcoming person I have ever met. High school was a new thing for me and Mark was the perfect role model. Not only a great actor but a friend you could talk to anything about. Mark was in theater all four year of his high school career. All I can tell you is how much of a leader he was in drumline and texture. Not only did I learn more about my hobbies but how to be the proper upper-class man. Without Mark I would be a different person.”


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