The Greendale Historical Society Raised $50,000 this Year for the Renamed 'Parking Street Project'

Funds will be matched by the Village of Greendale and will go towards the renovation of the Hose Tower, old Police Station, Grounds Building and Parking Street.

The Historical Society president Ted Mainella announced at the December 20 village board meeting that it reached it $50,000 goal this year. 

At first the project idea started with renovating the Hose Tower and the Grounds Building, now the society has added Parking Street into the mix. Parking Street has businesses along the corridor and a parking lot.

"The hose tower has now become a piece of a puzzle for a bigger project," Mainella said in an interview. 

The society raised the $50,000 this year through internal fundraising, donations and a promised

When asked how they did it Mainella said, "the old fashion way...hard work."

The society has also hired the Sweeney Group of Madison to help launch and run a capital campaign.

In October the society said that they hope to have at least the hose tower completed in time for Greendale’s 75th anniversary. Mainella said he wasn't sure if that was going to happen but did say that there will be "significant movement" by then. 

Members of the society also went before the to suggest a partnership in deciding what might be the best plan for the area's future usage due to the proximity of the hose tower to . Society members believe the school district should be involved in helping to develop a long-range plan for the historic building.

Even though the board agreed to match up to $50,000 in 2011 and $50,000 in 2012, the society plans to raise as much as they can to redevelop the Parking Street area. 

The Historical Society will continue its leadership in the project working with the Village of Greendale, launch a capital campaign after the new year and work towards the following:

  • Seek funds for the Project from all possible sources.
  • Provide building program, design and architectural plans for the Project.
  • Seek community partners for the Project.
  • Communicate with the Village in regard to the Project.
  • Enter into contracts as needed to complete some or the entire Project, subject to sufficient funding being raised.
  • Participate in and support the process of developing a conceptual plan in accordance with State and Federal requirements for historic buildings for the future use of the Municipal Parking Lot Area, which includes the former Police Station, Grounds Building and Hose tower, and Municipal Parking Lot.

Village of Greendale and historical society planners are working towards developing concepts for the Parking Street Project to be considered early next year.


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