Parents, Are you Worried About School Aide Cuts? Greendale Moms Share Their Perspective

The mom council will give their two cents on Governor Scott Walker's proposed budget to cut school aid.

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Moms Talk will also be the place to drop in for a talk about the latest parenting hot topic. Do you know of local moms raising their children in the Tiger Mother's way and is it the best way? Where can we get information on local flu shot clinics for children? How can we help our children's schools weather their budget cutbacks?

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Gov. Scott Walker released his proposed budget to reduce state aid to public schools and local governments by $1.25 billion. The cuts would be offset by $1.5 billion in savings from his budget repair bill, Walker said. Are you worried about Gov. Scott Walker's cuts to school aid? Do you have any concerns on how education will change for your children? 

Now lets refer to some members of the Greendale Patch mom council:

Cheryl Sanders says:

"Yes, I am very worried about the proposed cuts in state aid to schools. I have seen over the years how schools have already had to cut programming and increase costs to parents to make up the difference. Every year, it seems like we are paying more for school supplies and things like educational field trips and activities. I know most of my kids' teachers pay money out of their own pockets for basic classroom supplies. While our family has been fortunate so far that we can afford these extra expenses, I worry about those families who can't afford them. I am especially concerned because the governor is proposing not allowing school districts to go to referendum to raise additional money. If the voters in a school district vote to pass a referendum, that's because the majority is willing to pay the higher taxes to support whatever items the school board is requesting funding for. Walker's plan would not even give voters that option, even if they support it.   I also worry that we will lose quality teachers. Teachers already do not make a lot of money. Now we are going to ask them to do a quality job with even less pay and benefits? Why would ANYONE go into teaching any more? I have a feeling that many of the existing good teachers will move into another line of work. People are always complaining about how kids in the U.S. are falling behind other nations in terms of education, especially in areas of math, science and technology. How can things not get worse considering the proposed budget and cuts in aid to schools? Yes, I am very concerned - not just for my own kids - but for all of today's students. They are our future, we need to make sure they are as well-educated as possible."

Mary Kay Swittel says:

Honestly I am not worried at all. I am more worried about the current situation in Wisconsin and our deficit. In the long run I think the changes Governor Walker is making will only HELP our children and the way they grow and learn in this state. I do not think it will affect children's education if teachers are educated and committed to doing the job they have aspired to do.

Patriot March 03, 2011 at 06:32 PM
I have to agree with the last comment. I think this is the best thing for our future professionals!! The reason we are paying more as parents is to help cover the costs of the elaborate teachers pensions along with local and State level workers! I mean come on as a private sector worker I pay tremendously from my pay check for my benefits. So why should I as a tax payer be responsible to fund all these cadillac insurance policies and pensions!!! I myself am required to make some drastic changes and make cuts any where I can, so why should they be exempt!! Go WALKER
Denise Neumann Sanders March 04, 2011 at 01:55 AM
I agree with Cheryl. I have strong concerns about the drastic cuts proposed to education. I also have a tremendous respect for teachers - they work hard at a job that I know I could not do. I am particularly concerned that these cuts will mean a reduction in programs such as special education, physical education, arts, music, libraries, counseling, and more in our school district. The strong schools were the primary reason our family moved to Greendale. However, I am even more concerned for the school districts that already cannot afford these programs. Increased class sizes and fewer, but longer, days will not improve the education that this state's children need to be competitive in the workforce or to be effective contributors to their community.


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