Loss of Federal Funds Impacts Health Department Immunization

The loss of federal funding will not longer permit Greendale Health Department to vaccinate people who have insurance that covers the cost of vaccines.

The Greendale Health Department will no longer be able to vaccinate people who have insurance that covers the cost of vaccines starting October 1. 

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are required to cover preventive services—including vaccinations.  The change in the law has led to the elimination of federal funding used by health departments to purchase some vaccines.

Historically, local health department vaccines were purchased using a combination of federal funds. The Vaccine for Children funds were used to fund childhood vaccines for uninsured, whereas the 317 funds were used to purchase vaccines for underinsured children. 

Vaccine for Children Funds have not been eliminated, so after October 1 the Greendale Health Department will continue to provide vaccinations for some people:

  • without health insurance
  • those on BadgerCare or other state health insurance
  • those that have health insurance that does not cover the cost of vaccines
  • specific vaccines your child’s health insurance does not cover

The Greendale Health Department will still be able to give influenza vaccines to all children 6 months to 18 years regardless of insurance status and pertussis containing vaccine to adults and children. In addition, the Greendale Health Department will continue to offer flu vaccine to adults and has partnered with Aurora Quickcare Clinic to hold influenza immunization clinics in Greendale.

“Assuring the full vaccination of Greendale children is an important goal of the Greendale Health Department,” wrote Health Officer Sue Shepeard in a release.

The most recent two-year-old immunization report indicated that nearly 73% are fully vaccinated for age-appropriate vaccines. The data is more remarkable in the school-age population where 99% are fully vaccinated. Through the active promotion of immunizations by the Health Department, medical providers, and parents it is possible to maintain and even increase immunization rates among Greendale children despite the loss of 317 funds.


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