Greendale Teen Forms 'The Cancer Fight Organization'

After being diagnosed with cancer Mark Liederbach started blogging about his experience.

After being diagnosed with began blogging about his experience in January but now Liederbach has set his sights on higher goals.

Liederbach, 18, has formed an organization at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater called The Cancer Fight Organization. The organization's mission is to run fundraisers, spread cancer awareness, and organize events for charity.

Other founding members of the organization include Liederbach's girlfriend Nicole Pumarada, Jordan Dominiak and John Jensen.

This new organization is not the first time that Liederbach has organized an effort for charity. Through his blogging website, www.thecancerfight.org, Liederbach has raised about $300 for the Susan G. Komen for the cure, LiveSTRONG, and MACC Fund.

Liederbach and friends have set a goal of $1000 for The Cancer Fight Organization in hopes of raising the full amount by August. So far $235 has been raised.

Liederbach is utilizing Facebook in his fundraising efforts by creating a First 2-Week Fundraising Session! event.

"I feel that cancer is a battle that one should NEVER fight alone," Liederbach said. "This organization wants to not only raise money to give to these charities, but also provide support and help cancer fighters through these most challenging times. When I have treatments, I can only think about the amazing amount of people who have supported me, and I want to give that kind feeling to other people in similar situations."

Fundraising ideas for the organization range from t-shirt sales to community events. Liederbach says that outreach might include visits to local high schools to talk about cancer, making homemade food to bring to oncology clinics for chemotherapy patients,  and creating informational packets for people to find different types of support and aid in their journey.

Liederbach graduated from in 2010. In high school he was a member of the swim and baseball teams, a drumline marcher in the championship band, and an actor in the school theatre department.

"I do not consider my journey to be complete yet – I may have finished chemo, but there is still a long road to follow," Liederbach wrote in his last blog entry. "I want to spread what I have learned from first-hand experience with this monster, and also lend a helping hand to those still being beaten by it.

"This organization will always be here to support those fighters. This has a lot of potential to truly make a significant difference among the community. "

To read more about Liederbach's experience and fight go to http://www.thecancerfight.org/. Click here to make a donation to Liederbach's fundraising efforts.

And make sure to check out Liederbach's YouTube videos.


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