Greendale Little Libraries Featured in Country Magazine

Greendale's Little Library was on put on the spotlight in Country Magazine. Little Libraries enable residents to leave and share and borrow books with their neighbors.

While many people are shifting to thin, tech-savvy e-books, some still haven't forgotten the feeling of a traditional book — the smooth paper pages, showing character and age with the occasional coffee spot or a crooked dog-eared page marking a favorite passage.

The lure of a physical, paper book has not been entirely lost. Greendale's Little Free Libraries (LFL) will help remind local park-goers of the beauty of a book.

As a service learning project Greendale Middle School students built Little Free Libraries at Daffodil, Jaycee and  Community Center Parks last June. 

With the on-going debate about our national crisis in reading and literacy, Country Magazine put the spotlight on one big bright spot on the horizon – the emergence of “little libraries," particularly one on Greendale. 

All across the country communities are taking it upon themselves to construct tiny libraries, many no bigger than a breadbox, where residents can leave and share and borrow books with their neighbors.

The movement is being spearheaded by Little Free Library and the website www.littlefreelibrary.org, where you can obtain a basic kit to build a little library, or customize one into a work of art. The trend is especially important in small rural communities not serviced by conventional libraries. 

For more info and to get a glimpse of Greendale’s “little library,” get the October/November issue of Country Magazine or visit www.country-magazine.com/library.


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