Turn, Turn, Turn

It's back to school time. My reflections on last year's college drop off experience may make you think of your own "first days" as well as your children's. Here's to new pencils and backpacks.

The college freshmen walked toward the student union to check in.

She was excitedly focused on what was in front of her when she heard her name called from behind. It was her mother.

"I didn't get to hug you goodbye."

The freshmen was startled, she gave the obligatory hug and continued on her way. The mother returned to her car at the curb, and she and the father drove away.

This morning on my walk my neighborhood was full of moms and dads taking first day of school pictures of kids. The children smiled at the camera, depending on their age, with big excited grins or embarrassed "can we get this over with" grimaces. There were no pictures at my house for the first time in 20 years.

This morning I ran into my daughter's, now retired, kindergarten teacher in . She asked if I noticed all the little ones lining up for school. I told her I had dropped my little one off at college yesterday.

She clutched her heart."How was that for you?"

"It feels worse today." I replied.

She shared a memory of my daughter from all those years ago. I remembered how much my daughter loved K4 and this teacher. I remembered how I had tried to talk her pre-school teachers out of advancing her to kindergarten.

"She could stay, but she'd have to co-teach the class," they laughingly told me.

I know that this next phase of our lives will be just great. But right now I'm feeling nostalgic for hands to hold and parent teacher meetings. I know I'm not alone. If you've ever dropped your oldest off at college you understand. If you've dropped your youngest off at college you feel my pain.

I know what I need to focus on are the blessings this day represents. Two healthy, mostly happy kids who worked hard to get themselves into college. Two young adults starting the next phase of their young lives.

The boy I dropped off at the university 6 years ago is on his own now, a college graduate. He's a different person than the boy who asked us as we prepared our exit, "You mean you're leaving now?" His little sister and I had made his dorm bed and hung his clothes. His father laughingly said "Yes, we won't be staying at college with you."

I can only wonder at the growth and changes that the little sister will experience during her college years. I'm not the first parent to realize that everything we do as parents to love and nurture our children is to get them ready for this day.

My husband was only half joking when he shared his thoughts to a young neighbor mom. Her little darling in the pixie bob with the almond eyes, a beautiful gift from China. She showed us her little pink glittery shoes and and told us how kindergarten started next week. "You'll love them so much, buy them hundreds of shoes, and then they'll leave you," he predicted.

And in the end that's what happens. But it's a wonderful journey. One I'm sure we would never want to miss. And it's timeless. It will be repeated next fall with others, by this year's high school seniors. And 18 years from now by the moms pushing the buggies down my street today.

You see, the clueless freshmen who forgot to hug her mother was me. I never dreamed I'd be in my mother's shoes one day. Sad, happy and grabbing one more hug from a girl focused on what was in front of her. I'm just say'n.

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Denise Konkol August 23, 2012 at 02:58 PM
I'll admit it - I'm grabbin' a tissue - great blog and SPOT on. My only will be doing this, probably in Arizona, next August.
Randy1949 August 23, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Been there, done that. My one and only lived at home when he attended college, but it was a wrench when he moved out and into his own place. The good news is that the cycle starts over again. Tonight will be my two year old grandson's first overnight with Grandma and Grandpa.


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